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Refrigerant Reclamation - FR-888-S
Model: FR-888-S
Refrigerant Reclamation
Compressor: 1 HP (full-enclosure rotary type)
Vacuum pump: 3/4 HP (2-section type)
Dosage Scale: 30 kg ± 10 g
Oil Filler: 350 c.c.
Refrigerant Cylinder: 30 LB x 1 pc
Refrigerant Pipe: R-134a / one unit (with faster connector)
Cleaning Window: 1 unit (with filter)
Size: L88 X W61 X H118 (cm)
Weight: 120 Kg
Liquid Storage Tank: 10 kg
Recycling Device: Galvanized iron material
Applicable Refrigerant: R-12 or R-134A
Application: Automobile A/C workshop、Bus maintenance
Origin: Taiwan

Function completed - Enhanced FR-888
System health checks / Pipeline Cleaning / Refrigerant Recycling / Vacuum Supply
Refrigerant Regeneration / Refrigerant Oil Replacing / Refrigerant quantitative filling

Performance enhanced - horsepower improved, protection completed
1. Quality Assurance - Liquid storage tank, oil separator and heat exchanger are made of galvanized iron, French-made compressor, advanced ball valve are used in this machine and make it durable.
2. Significant effect - It can clean out the impurities, iron scale and fluorescer etc in the system, unblock the pipeline and reduce fuel consumption, make air conditionings more effective.
3. Quantitative filling - Set the filling refrigerant quantity you are going to add, and let them go into the system.
4. Overheat protection - Reduce the risk of compressor damage caused by long-time operation, improve work efficiency of the equipment.

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